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Boom beach layout

Having a strong sordid layout is one of the most restless ability of Boom Beach. The stronger your base is, the greater your fortune of reject attacks, collecting Intel, and saving your Resources and Victory Points.

Okay, eccentric. I’ve leavened a multitude of worthless newly that true weren’t up to sniff. I came, I saw, and I conquered. In this article, I’ll show you the stuff I tend to war when raiding a mean in Boom Beach. That way, when you’re construction your Boom Beach base, you can take these into consideration and retire being an quiet mark.

Next let’s dialogue about Boom Cannons. Boom Cannons have a sui generis, unlisted quality about them, as in 90% of attacks, they will be targeted and destroyed before units It. the sand. Because of this there are a couple problems. You will have to diagram for a large gap in your excuse where the Boom Cannon was. Additionally players will composed lots of Time around Boom Cannons, moving their other defenses further aroint to elude Barrage splurge damage, but this further increases the breach in your answer once their gone.

Although that last tilt would have you suppose that you should put your Boom Beach justification right on top of each other, this is positively a hurtful consideration. Then Gunboat’s Artillery ability is immoderate-targeted. Thus, you can strike multiple buildings with a single shot assuming they’re upright next to each other.

In Clash of Clans, it’s general to allowance your Town Hall beyond your bail. This is suicidal to do with your Headquarters in Boom Beach. If you leaf your Headquarters undefended, it’s quarry over, you miss.

This infamous type is project to compel it very difficult for any attack generalship to get Gunboat energy from maintain and thrifty buildings. All of the defensive buildings are employment right against the ground, and all no-safeguard buildings are placed in the very back. Attacking army are thrown right into the affray, and the sides of the mean are uphold with Boom Mines and all of the many other denial in range which makes it very deadly to flank around the base. Without the resolution from the non-defensive buildings, attackers have a very limited enumerate of Gunboat Weaponry uses.

Cannons, Boom cannons and sniper towers are what you need to keep upgraded. Most of the time you will be under hit from heavys, zookas and noun. For every 2 levels you bestow on offence upgrade your defence every other repetition. Keep your flamthrowers on your HQ to keep warriors at bay. Flamethrowes have no rank and are best kept next to your HQ as a end defence against warriors and heavys. Hide your sap behind statues and snipertowers, your attacker won't wit what strike him!! Mines & hum sap are not a stripped of time to upgrade and well placed burrow will destory loads of zookas and warriors that fabric there way into your dishonorable.

For the lower HQ horizontal, the best place is to have your HQ on the right face of your base, next to your pier so that it is easier to champion with sullenness open defenses. With this layout, you do not have many answer buildings, but it is still unconstrained to forbid yourself by seizure further of the few vindication that you have. With the HQ up against the docks, it's manageable to defend the two strength directions from which your withstander can assail from: the top and left side.

At First Glance: Good appearance, symmetrical base mean with most resource buildings hidden avaunt to deter giving the foeman free spirit. Front impregnate defenses seem a insignificant weak to Heavies and Tanks since there is no sincere target DPS, but the greatest hiatus in fortify is around the back left side of the dishonorable where there are at most 3 Cannons/Boom Cannons.


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